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  1. I have decided that since researching fat free cakes and items for the blog that I have found so many lovely websites and other handmade items that I am going to rename the website "My Christmas Wish List"!
    Jokes aside, I have just found another shop on Folksy who also make cakes and Biscuits out of felt, crochet and knitting "a menagerie of handcrafted sweetness" and I adore the Patisserie set, the Sushi boxes and the detailing on the Custard Creams!
    I have just been out to buy the ingredients for a new pamper cake so watch this space!
  2. Apologies to any visitors to the Swerford Market.  Unfortunately I was let down by my helper who was unable to attend in my absence. 
    However, I am pleased to confirm that I will definately be at Hook Norton Market on Saturday 8th May 2010 with the Fat Free Cakes and also other small gifts, including handbags, scarves and bracelets.
  3. What a busy morning!  Up to recent months the Swerford market seemed to be in decline, but one stall holder decided to organise a special demonstration event and posted fliers for the events through the doors of the locals.  After a slow start attendance picked up and the market was positively buzzing!  Jane from Grange Farm was demonstrating how to make chocolate truffles, Julie of Blue Bird Crafts was glass painting, I was making Baby Sock Bouquets and Beryl was knitting.  Beryls new addition to her collection of hand knitted items are knitted cupcake pin cushions!  They are gorgeous and i had to get a picture to put on here.  She was selling them for £3.50 each and if anyone is interested in them please contact me and I will forward her contact details on to you.

    Beryls Cupcakes

  4. Inspired by the forthcoming holiday, I have baked up two new cakes.  The first is a chocolate nest cake made from towels with chocolate eggs.
    Chocolate Cake
    The second cake is made from a set of gorgeous towels I found with Ducks appliqued on them.  I added a bottle of shampoo and some rubber duckies and voila! 

    Duck Cake