Wonky Donkey is wonky no more!!

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This is the story of wonky donkey.... well pony actually.
Wonky is owned by a lovely lady in a nearby village, his duty is to prevent people from banging their heads on a low slung beam in her house.  Decades of swinging from the rafters has caused a saddle sore on wonky's back and for him to hang at an uncomfortable angle.

wonky donkey before

Because of my embroidery background I was asked if there was anything that could be done for Wonky.  I was sure that he could be patched up to regain his position in his home for more decades to come.

wonky donkey hole

First of all, I darned up the hole using a curved needle and repositioned the string from which he hangs.

wonky donkey repair

Then I fashioned a saddle out of felt to cover the now reinforced hole.  Any restoration or conservation work to textiles should be reversable, so no glues were used.  I attached the saddle using a good old blanket stitch.
As good as new?

wonky donkey good

Better I say!!

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