Happy Valentine's Day Cake

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Inspired by next mondays Valentine celebrations, I thought I would sneak in a new cake.  The Valentines Day cake is jammed packed full of romantic gifts to make your loved ones feel extra special. 

Valentine 1

The cake's Ingredients are:
1 Fleece Blanket, 1 Gund Teddy Bear, 1 Box of Maltesers, 1 Bag of Chocolate Strawberry Hearts, 1 Body Puff (Scrunchie), 1 Diamante Candle, 1 Bottle of Strawberry Shower Gel, 1 Bottle of Strawberry Puree Body Lotion, 1 Large Strawberry Soap, “I Love You” Keyring, Love Buddy Bobblehead

Valentine 2

It will be on sale this saturday at Hook Norton Market (the hall has now dried out and the floor relayed following the burst pipes incident) at a bargain price of £25.00.

Valentine 3

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