Craft Fair Tips 1 - Equipment

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Below are a few essential items that I always consider to take to a craft fair.  This list is not exhaustive, and you will learn what additional items you will need in time.

Before you go:

Tables & Chairs - Most events will provide tables and chairs but check with them before you go as you do not want to have to set up on the floor!

Public Liability Insurance – many event organisers are requesting this cover before they can accept you so it may be worth looking into.  Make sure that the policy is relevant to your products, I have heard of so many people buying artists PL when they are actually making cushions!  An Insurance Broker will ensure that you are adequately covered.  I personally use as they have specific Craft Fair Insurance which also includes Employers’ Liability Insurance (to cover your band of merry helpers!) and includes cover for some wholesale and party plan.

Price and label all of your products clearly.

Table Cloth – ensure that this is large enough to cover the table and just touch the floor at the front to hide all your boxes under the table.  Pick a colour that compliments your stock/products and does not detract from it in anyway.  Make sure it is ironed!!!

Notepad – to write down all the relevant details of any sales you make plus any tips/ideas you may get during the day.

Pens – I usually take a biro to write in my notepad with plus a thin marker pen to make up any additional signage for the display.

Tape – I take a roll of sellotape and a roll of gaffer tape (same colour as my table cloth) which is invaluable for securing my tablecloth (perfect hospital bed corners….ahem) and for securing my banner.

Cash Float & Container – Make sure you take plenty of change with you, including £10 & £5 notes and plenty of change.  You don’t want to turn a sale away because you can’t change a £20 note!

Bags – carrier bags large enough for your products.

Business Cards – if you have them, ideal if you have a website you can promote or if you take orders and commissions.

Flask of tea/coffee and lunch or snacks – always a good idea to check with the organiser whether teas and coffees are included.  Flasks are a good idea if you are on your own and can’t leave the stall unattended.
Tomorrow, I will talk about setting your stall up.

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