Craft Fair Tips 2 - Setting Up

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Setting your stall up

Practice setting up your stall at home before the event.  This will help to identify whether you have enough (or too much) stock and will make it easier on the day to arrange the stall quickly and efficiently.

Table cloths

Most craft fairs will provide you with a table that is usually about 6ft long (this will usually be specified in the events details) so make sure your table cloth is large enough to cover the table and just touch the floor at the front.  This hides your boxes and bags under the table and gives a smarter more professional impression.  Iron your table cloth – no-one likes wrinkles! 

When selecting a table cloth choose one that will compliment your stock and not detract from it.  Most people go for a plain solid colour such a white or black, but pick one that suits your stock, such as a pale pink gingham fabric if your work is a pretty shabby chic, or a chunky hessian if your work is rustic and more country. 


Work laid out flat on a table is very uninspiring and it is difficult to see them items at the back of the table, so try different levels to display your work.  Use baskets, plinths, boards and other props to display/hang/elevate your products.  Make sure that these props don’t detract from your products – you don’t want more offers to buy these then your actual work!  Make sure they don’t distract from your products – make sure it is obvious what is for sale!

Try not to clutter your table – clutter makes it harder for the customer to see the items in insolation (ie in their own homes) without the distraction of the other items around it.

Only sell the products that you have disclosed on the application form.  Good fair organisers will visit your stall and check that you are only selling the items you have advised them of as it is not fair on the other stallholders if overlaps occur.

Try and have a product identity.  I have seen some stalls that sell a “mish-mash” of products for example a few cards, a couple of pieces of jewellery, a few cushions, knitted jumpers, cupcakes and pickles (this is a real stall that I have come across recently!) and they look jumbled and confusing when there is not a common theme.
sulgrave stall


Tomorrow I will talk briefly about arriving and setting up at the fair.

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