Craft Fair Tips 3 - Arriving at the Fair

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Arriving at the Fair

Before you leave for the fair check the information provided by the organisers for any special instructions for arrival, set up and break-down of the fair.  These may include timings, special access to the venue and detailed information on parking.  They may even have already allocated you your space.

Allow sufficient time to arrive at the venue to have completed the set-up of your stall for at least 15 minutes prior to the opening time of the event.  This allows time for you to clear and tidy your space around the table, move cars and loo visits etc so you are ready to start selling when the doors open to the public.

Upon arrival at the venue, locate your space and unload your car quickly and efficiently.  Invest in a sack trolley or boxes on wheels (or a suitcase with wheels) as quite often enough you have to walk your boxes some distance.  Do not leave your boxes and bags in the way of other stallholders.

Store the empty boxes neatly under the table or back in the car if possible.
Last instalment will come on Monday.  I have the weekend off so I will be redecorating my hallway & stairs.  Hope you have a good one too x

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