Craft Fair Tips 4 - Selling!

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Welcome to the last instalment of my essential craft fair tips.


This has always been a bone of contention for me.  I attend so many fairs where the stallholders are not presenting themselves properly.  They can either come across as aloof or too keen, finding the perfect balance of relaxed shopping and interest in the customer is what you I feel you should strive for.

Determine whether you will be seated or standing behind or to the side of your stall (may vary on the venue).  Look interested in the visitors and say hello or good morning to acknowledge that you know that they are there and offer assistance if they have any queries.   DON’T STARE AT THEM it’s rude and intimidating!

If you have helpers at the fair, make sure that they are briefed on your preferred selling technique and they don’t just sit and gossip behind the stall.

Give any potential customer an opportunity to look at your products first and ask questions before you launch into a full scale sales patter.  Quite often enough if you can find a topic to talk about that is not related to your work then you can quite often make them more relaxed and ease them gently into the sale (i.e. build up a rapport with the customer).  More often enough it is the person selling the item not the item itself that persuades the buyer to part with their cash.
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It has to be said that some craft fairs can be a bit quiet at times, so it is worth taking something to occupy yourself with, such as a book, crossword puzzle or even craft if possible, something that is easy to put down if a potential customer comes along.  Try not to get too engrossed in that activity and miss a potential sale or come across as bored.   

Demonstrations of a craft can sometimes help sell work, such as painting, woodwork or embroidery for example.  Messier crafts like pottery you will need to have processes in place to deal with a purchase when you are in the middle of a demonstration (i.e. clean hands or have an assistant).  But don’t give away too many tricks of the trade as you don’t want people rushing home to make their own instead of buying from you!
Smile!  And be polite.
Most of all, my biggest tip would be to be professional whatever you are doing or selling.
Lastly, enjoy the day, you will meet lots of interesting and friendly people.  "Network" with the other stallholders if you get an oppportunity as they quite often have tips and contacts for other craft fairs.
I hope this has been of some help to you.  I welcome any feedback and additional hints and tips you may have.

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