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  1. I have been very busy of late with fairs and markets, which is exhausting but great.  I have met lots of lovely and inspirational people at these fairs and would like to thank them for their support and kind words.
    I have had a couple of orders for bespoke cakes this week, the first was for a 16 year olds girls birthday.
    Pink Mini Pamper
    It consists of a hot pink hand towel and is filled with make up and false eye lashes.  This cake costs £16.00
    I was also asked to make a Wedding Cake, the brief was simply white towels and pale blue ribbons/decorations.
    White Blue Towel Cake
    A similar cake would cost £32.00 and can be made up in almost any colour to order.  Please contact me if you would like a cake made up to your own specifications.