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» Listings for November 2011

  1. Due to the large number of Craft Fairs and Shopping Events we are attending this year (2011) we can not guarantee that certain items are always in stock and may not be able to find time to restock or get to the post office.  So we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close the shop until the new year.
    Please do check out our Events page though and come along to one of the many events we are attending and purchase items there.  If you have an urgent request, please drop us an email and we will see what we can do.
    Sorry for any inconvenience, but we hope to see you at an event very soon!
  2. I have made it my mission this year to buy the majority of my christmas presents from craft fairs and from other makers and designers.  This is partly due to the fact that I will not have time to go trawling around shops for gifts but the main reason is that I want to give quality and unique items to my loved ones this year, not the same old mass produced tatt that everyone else is getting.
    So watch this space as I will hopefully be showing some of the items that I have found on here and you never know, something featured may just wing it's way into your stocking this year!